5 comments on “The Art of Elegance

  1. Wow that is quite impressive, I never would have thought to look at anything in the Breach Chamber dimension due to the space lack, but my, what some people can do!

    • I think the smaller dimensions can offer more challenge than people expect. The item limit means creative solutions and really focusing on what’s important to the dimension. Larger item limits can allow big ideas but finding excellent ideas for 1500 items is a lot harder than for 500, as I’ve found with the Radish Inn and Maze.

      The Elegance Art Gallery is an excellent example of small is good. One great idea, beautifully done.

  2. I asked Dragondancer@Icewatch for an invite and it ended up with her showing me around all her alts wonderfull dimensions 😀
    I’m really amazed in her uses of items, very creative and she’s a good morpher too!

    • I’m loving this cross-shards dimension invite. Tried it tonight – so nice to be able to catch up with people and their dimensions.

      Hmmm I’ll have to track Dragondancer down and see if she’d give me a tour. I’d love to see her other dimensions.

  3. That’s a wonderful dimension! I find it really helps to have a theme to set a concept boundary and this is very clever and well done.

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