3 comments on “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  1. Thank you for all wonderful Xmas dimension pictures!
    I have been hard at work on my winter creations myself

    • Love the Christmas stocking and that’s a mighty fine looking tree. Now you can’t leave a picture like that without telling me where I can go see for myself, that’s just teasing. Could you provide server and dimension? Dare I ask how many ice blocks it took to build the igloo?

      A little question on dimension etiquette – when do dimensioneers tear down their Christmas decorations? I wait 12 days in real life before packing all the decorations up.

  2. I’m on european server Argent and my dimension is called “The sleeping moth inn + secrets”.
    I almost reached the item limit with that igloo, it’s about 280 ice blocks.

    I will take down my Christmas decorations on Hilarymas Day (it’s a Swedish tradition).

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