5 comments on “The Radish Inn Visits Threesprings

  1. I’m Anneleigh (and alts) on Faeblight, and have the same issue. I have three fully formed dimensions, (Anneleigh, Gwenllian, and Cairenn) one of which I rebuilt after about 2 weeks…. and my highest level is 57. Lucky for me, crafting is an easy thing to do while standing still – so I have 3 crafts maxed, plus mining and butchery…. but as for 60 – not happening for at least another month.

    • Oh Annaleigh, three dimensions! I can see a need for Ascended rehab here. Still I’m enjoying the journey to 60, despite the slow leveling. My guild puts up a banner for every event and I hop along for the xp and infinity stones. This way. I’ll be a very well dressed Ascended when I finally hit 60. I’ll check in on your dimensions next time I hit Faeblight. Did you have a different idea for each one?

      • I’m a roleplayer, so they each fit the personality of the character.
        Anneleigh is an old soul. She’s “the oldest sister” so she wanted the most posh apt. in Tempest Bay. She’s also unfamiliar with our current world (at least, not as much as her sisters) so she found it hard to find a decorating style
        Gwenllian is very studious, but also very young. She has a large house I built from scratch with her apothocary/academic past in mind.
        Cairenn’s is a little different. I tried to recreate Moonshade in the silverwood dimension. Her home is my attempt at the dwarven huts in moonshade.

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